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IUCr2008 Osak,Japan XXI Congress of the international Union of Crystallography 23-31 August 2008 IUCr 2008 OSAKA
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Second Circular

Gjonnes Medal Award
Aug. 24, 2008
(9:20 - 9:30; After PL1 )
Aug. 27, 2008
(8:30 - 9:30; KN18)

The Journey of Bernal's Picasso
Aug. 27, 2008
(Evening Session)
Grand Cube Osaka

Evening Session: Open Forum
Aug. 24 - 27, 2008

Evening Session: Future of Female Crystallographers
Aug. 26, 2008

Software Fayre: Aug. 26-29, 2008
Grand Cube Osaka

Art and Crystallography: August 26, 2008
(Evening Session)
Grand Cube Osaka

Call for Active Participants in Music Sessions: Aug. 24, 26 and 28, 2008
(19:00 - 21:00)
Grand Cube Osaka
International Joint Ensemble

Open Commission Meetings:
Aug. 24, 26 and 27, 2008
Grand Cube Osaka

Opening Ceremony
Aug. 23, 2008
(17:40 - 19:30)

Ewald Award Lecture
David Sayre
Aug. 23, 2008
(18:25 - 19:30)

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Update a Second Announcement (Ver. 2):
May. 26, 2008

60th Anniversary Ceremony of IUCr: Aug. 23, 2008
Grand Cube Osaka

Crystallographic Computing School: Aug. 18-23, 2008
Kyoto, Japan

Teaching Crystallography in the 21st Century: Aug. 23, 2008
(9:00 - 15:30)
Grand Cube Osaka

Support from President's Fund:
Mar. 23, 2008


Last update:
August 30, 2008

IUCr 2008 took place at Osaka with great success

The organizers of IUCr2008 thank all the participants for their contribution to a successful congress. See you at the next congress in Madrid, Spain.

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The International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) was founded in 1948 to promote international cooperation in crystallography and the first General Assembly and Congress was held in Cambridge, USA. The Union has additional objects to contribute to advancement of crystallography in all its aspects including related topics concerning the non-crystalline states; to facilitate international standardization of methods, of nomenclature, and of symbols used in crystallography; and to form a focus for the relations of crystallography to other sciences.

Since then, the Union showed its activities in three fields. The first one is the organization of General Assembly and Congress every three years. The second one is the publication of eight crystallographic journals and many books in crystallography. The third one is the activities given by 17 scientific commissions.

The year 2008 is the 60th Anniversary. The number of the membership countries and Adhering bodies increased from 4 to 40. The crystallography became the basis of all the sciences studying inorganic, organic and biological substances. The 21st General Assembly and Congress will be held in Osaka, Japan, 23 - 31 August. We have a chance to see the full breadth of current crystallography and glimpse of what is to come.

Before the Opening Ceremony of the Congress, IUCr will have the 60th Anniversary Ceremony in the same place to celebrate the great advancement of crystallography and to aim at further development in crystallography.

It would give me great pleasure to welcome you to the active and modern city, Osaka, which is neighboring to Kyoto and Nara, the cities of cultural inheritance in Japan.

  Yuji Ohashi
International Union of Crystallography

Even since the Middle Ages, the City of Osaka has been a crossroads for people, goods, culture and information. All have passed through and met in Osaka historically, giving birth to something new and valuable. The modern City of Osaka has played an even greater role as a crossroads of international exchange, where we are preparing for the IUCr-XXI Congress and General Assembly.

Its scientific program in 7 days, which has been prepared by the International Program Committee formed by 26 experts covering a wide field of crystallography, is very rich and exciting with 2 Plenary Lectures and 36 Keynote Lectures. As many as 98 Microsymposia will highlight topically hot as well as basically important crystallographic subjects with about 500 selected speakers. A special attention for programming has been paid to promote interdisciplinary fields in crystallography.

Crystallography plays a key role of bridging major fields such as biology, chemistry, physics, mineralogy, and earth science ranging from academic research to industrial/medical applications. In such a respect, crystallography has high scientific and technological potentials to introduce an innovation in the global issues such as health, environment, energy and information.

Our hearty invitation is extended to all crystallographers and their accompanying persons to attend IUCr-XXI and to enjoy scientific and social activities.

Yasuhiko Fujii
International Program Committee
Tomitake Tsukihara
Local Organizing Committee

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Evenning Session for Japanese young students and general public
公開講座「結晶学の最前線」(in Japanese)
Osaka, Japan
XXI Congress and General
Assembly of the International
Union of Crystallography
23-31 August 2008
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